Fred R. Barnard

“One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words”

if this is true for photography, imagine what this means for filmmaking.

Showreel (2019)

Now Or Never (2019) Official Trailer

Revealing China (2016)

Against the Grey (2018) Official Trailer

The Thief (2018)

Under Threat (2018) Official Trailer

Clowns of the Sea (2017)

Amazon – The Real Jungle Experience

Now Or Never (2019) Official Teaser Trailer

Kier HM Transform, An Infographics Animation

The Nature of Alaska


Sheffield United Hospitality

Semi Permanent Tattooed Eyebrows

A Twist of Fate

Customer Journey On Buying A Home

Experiencia Cafetera

Wine Country, California

Keepmoat’s Rising Apprentice: Part 1

Showreel: The Early Days (2016)

Whitefriars Construction

Introduction to QMS

Sandwell Regeneration Scheme

SOAR Build In Wales

Wildlife (2016)