The demand for the use of UAV’s (drones) in the world of photography and videography has been increasing in recent years, yet remains a niche market.

Not only are we excellent value for money, we possess years of drone flying experience and cinematography expertise.

As all-round experienced cinematographers and photographers, MS Productions understand exactly how to get the best, most professional and eye-catching aerial imagery. We use the most up-to-date 4K, HDR, DJI drone models, allowing us to capture the best video quality with smooth stabilization, and stunning, sharp high resolution photographs.

As commercial operators we adhere to the rules and safety requirements of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) holding valid CAA PfCO certification and follow a strict code of conduct.



MS Productions are proud to provide the most affordable and professional UAV (drone) services for a variety of markets:

We can save you time and money and eliminate risks by sending a UAV (drone) to those higher to reach places on the external facades of buildings such as roofs, external rendering, windows, chimneys, brickwork etc. In the past, this would have required expensive and time-consuming scaffolding but now, via the use of drones, we can provide valuable imagery of those necessary checks and potential maintenance areas.

With extensive experience using drones across the globe in many different climates, as well as years of experience filming natural history productions, we know EXACTLY how to capture the most cinematic and stunning aerial imagery to ‘wow’ an audience. From the sub-zero temperatures at “the end of the world” in Argentina, to the sweltering tropics of Indonesia, to the stormy yet magical colours of the Caribbean.

As well as differing climates, we are experienced filming wildlife using UAV’s (drones). We understand and research animal behaviours before flying enabling us to capture the best footage including migrating whales and elephant seal colonies in Patagonia, reindeer in the highlands of Scotland, free-running monkeys in the Amazon rainforest.

In a very competitive market, advertising demands the most exciting, impressive, and engaging use of imagery to capture the attention of the target audience, and through the use of our UAV’s (drones), we provide exactly that, giving our clients a unique and cinematic viewpoint for the audience.

We take stunning visual imagery of houses on the property market to help with the selling process. From the scale of the property, to the context, aerial video and photography can give a unique view, showcase your property, and provide an innovative birds-eye angle which is simply not possible with ground-level imagery.

We provide an agricultural inspection service providing UAV (drone) imagery in a real time scenario to establish key elements of crop growth, effects of inclement weather, and size and scale of land areas from a birds-eye view.

Planning to hire a videographer for your special day? Whether it be a wedding or event, we don’t only film the day on the ground and capture all the intimate and crucial moments, we also add that extra entertaining element with the use of a UAV (drone). We can fly up to 400 feet capturing the entire location from the outside, and we can fly as low as a few feet, set the drone to tracking mode, and simply have the drone follow a special couple, a presenter, or an organiser, whilst maintaining a safe distance to people and objects at all times. Including a drone for your wedding or event provides a modern, cinematic, timeless record of your event.



From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we pride ourselves on providing breathtaking end results at the best value.

We talk through your ideas and objectives in person or over Skype and we ensure that all of your requirements are agreed and achieved.

Once we identify your requirements, we produce a comprehensive plan by obtaining the appropriate approvals from the landowners, air traffic controllers and any necessary authorities.

Prior to shooting, we will undertake a pre-site comprehensive risk assessment and establish the necessary contingencies. On the day of shooting, we arrive early and conduct a thorough on-site survey, re-assess the risk assessment, and ensure the area is safe for flying.

Once all of the safety checks have been conducted, our highly-trained pilot will fly the UAV (drone), maintaining a clear visual line of sight with the drone at all times, during which all of the imagery is acquired.

After the flight, the material is transferred and backed-up safely. It is edited to a very high standard by an experienced team who provide a quick turnaround.  Video footage is edited using either Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere (depending on the client) and colour graded using DaVinci Resolve; Photography is edited using Adobe Lightroom. The editing ensures you receive high-quality material to your specification and ultimate satisfaction.

Once completed, your bespoke film and/or images are provided via an online download link. We ensure are completely satisfied before concluding the service.